Prozac has been helping millions of people around the world over the last three decades. Although it’s been around for a while, it still features as one of the most frequently prescribed anti-depressant medications.

With 13% of Americans reportedly taking an anti-depressant in the last year, more and more of us want to know how to get the most benefit from them.

Some patients have asked whether Prozac could be even more effective if taken at a particular time of day.

Here’s our guide to finding the best time of day to take Prozac.

What The Experts Say

As a well researched and established medication, there have been many studies and much clinical observation on the use of Prozac. Let’s see what they conclude with regard to the best time of day to take Prozac.

Scientific Studies

A few years after its launch in the late 1980s, a study of 120 patients was conducted. The doses given to patients varied, depending on their clinical need. They were further subdivided into groups given Prozac in the morning and evening.

This relatively small-scale study concluded that there is no ‘best’ time of day to take Prozac. The group they monitored showed no obvious adverse effects or disruption to vital signs from the varied times at which Prozac was taken.

However, it should be noted that this monitored adverse reactions only. It is worth considering other lines of evidence, especially feedback from people on Prozac, before concluding that there is no benefit either way.

Professional Advice

Most professional bodies agree: the best time of day to take Prozac is what works for you. Remembering to take the drug, whenever you choose to take it, is the key.

That being said, as insomnia can be a side-effect of Prozac, many recommend that you begin by taking it in the morning and adjust that to suit you and your lifestyle if needed.

What Patients Say

Interestingly, initial impressions often change as people become more accustomed to the medication.

Many find that when they start taking the medication, they experience drowsiness. This has led many to conclude that evening time is the best time of day to take Prozac.

However, when you read comments from people who have been taking Prozac for a while, they often refer to these as initial side effects, that wear off quite quickly, usually within the first few weeks.

Many people commented that it gets them going in the morning. Others highlighted that just taking it at a time that you’re likely to stick to is the key element.

The Verdict: The Best Time of Day to Take Prozac

The key finding is – the best time of day to take Prozac is the time that works for you.

Although professionals suggest a dose in the morning to reduce the risk of insomnia, this is not set in stone. Speak with your doctor about your lifestyle and any concerns you have and agree a routine that you think will work for you.

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