Maybe you already love the convenience of online shopping for clothes, electricals, even food. But prescription meds, like Lipitor?

Perhaps like many, you thought the only safe way to get your Lipitor prescription filled was to dutifully go to a bricks and mortar pharmacy, wait in line (oh, the endless lines!) and pick up your medication.

We’re here to show you that with a bit of savvy, you can buy Lipitor online safely and securely. Plus, you get all the advantages of online shopping that you already love.

1.) Use a Reputable Comparison Website

Let’s face it, there are plenty of shady characters on the Internet looking to make money selling fake meds. However, before you even come close to buying, you can protect yourself by using a reputable comparison website.

At ePharmacies, we only deal with licensed US, Canadian and international online pharmacies. Click here to see why you can trust our online service.

2.) Beware ‘Too Good To Be True’ Pricing

We all love a bargain, but there are ways to verify whether a prescription med price is too good to be true or not.

Many medications are available at significant savings if you buy the generic version.

This means that rather than being manufactured by the company who originally developed the drug (and carries the brand name) you are getting an identical drug, made by a different manufacturer and usually sold under the generic name.

The fact that multiple drug companies can be approved to manufacture the same drug brings down the price.

In the case of Lipitor, it has been available as a generic drug since late 2011, under the name atorvastatin. If you’re happy to forego the brand name, you could make some significant savings buying the generic version.

Compare the range of prices available. While there should be some variation, be careful to check out any pharmacy very carefully who seem able to undercut the others by a significant margin.

3.) Check Whether You Can Speak to a Pharmacist

Reputable online pharmacies will offer a consultation service with a registered pharmacist.

Often a 1-800 number, you can call the pharmacist, who will be able to answer your question about your Lipitor refill and reassure you as to the authenticity of the online pharmacy.

As Lipitor is a prescription medication, if they do not offer this service, it’s highly unlikely that this is a safe place to buy lLpitor online.

4.) Make Sure They Ask for Your Prescription

To buy Lipitor online, you will need a prescription.

If the online pharmacy fails to ask for yours, run for the hills and don’t look back. No legitimate online pharmacy would ever dream of filling an order for a prescription medication without a valid prescription.

Can I Buy Lipitor Online? The Takeaway

The short answer is, yes! But make sure you do your homework.

Make sure that any price comparison site you use only deals with licensed online pharmacies. Depending on your country, there are government websites that allow you to check this before making your purchase.

Also, take note of our big three reminders – reject ‘too good to be true’ pricing, always make sure you can speak to a pharmacist and check they ask for your prescription first.

To safely buy Lipitor online, check out our great range of deals on ePharmacies, from licensed pharmacies you can trust.