Did you know that 29.1 million people in the United States have Type 2 diabetes?

Taking care of yourself when you have diabetes is a costly feat. Glucose monitors, diet changes, insulin, and medication all come with a hefty price tag. How can you keep afloat while spending so much money on medications?

Can Januvia help you, and are there are alternatives to this specific option?

Here, I’ll list the effects of Januvia, and find out whether there is such a thing as a Januvia generic.

What Does Januvia Do for You?

Januvia is a medication that helps you control blood sugar levels. This once-daily pill is prescribed to those with Type 2 diabetes and works in conjunction with proper diet and exercise.

It enhances your body’s ability to control your blood sugar levels regularly. This might reduce the number of times you need to take insulin and may help steady your blood sugar levels throughout the day.

What Are Januvia Generic Options?

This is where things get interesting…

As it turns out, there are no generic versions of Januvia. According to a medical drug database, “There is currently no therapeutically equivalent version of Januvia available in the United States.”

If you see a site or ad claiming to provide Januvia generic options, they’re not being truthful (at the time of writing).

What Are the Alternatives?

The “generic” kind of Januvia is actually what it is: the drug sitagliptin (without a brand name). There are many online pharmacies that offer discounted options for sitagliptin. The price per pill runs between $1 and $3.

While it is technically the name brand choice, Januvia on the majority of online pharmacies run between 80 cents and $2, making it a more affordable option than sitagliptin. You can also get a coupon for the standard Januvia. This will help with your first prescription fill of the medication.

There are other ways to get diabetes medication on the cheap. Instead of getting the generic option, you can compare drug dosage costs.

Another idea is to check if your insurance covers the cost of such medication. If you aren’t insured, go straight to Januvia’s manufacturer; they sometimes offer discounted or free medications through prescription assistance programs.

You can also buy inexpensive insulin, test strips, or glucose monitors. These come at a fair price already, but make sure you get value out of these items.

How Can You Get Prescriptions?

The best route to strategize your diabetes management is to talk with your doctor. They can tell you whether or not you need blood sugar control medications. Then you can get a prescription and have it filled either at your local pharmacy or online.

Sadly, there aren’t any legal options for generic Januvia. There are pharmacies that have sitagliptin, but it turns out this is more expensive than simply getting Januvia. Thankfully, there are coupons and assistance programs out there to help you fill your prescription on your budget.

If you’re looking for the right pharmacy to fill your Januvia prescription, compare online pharmacies here.