Mental stress. Physical exhaustion. Two of the biggest things that you get along with your diabetes diagnosis.

After the shock of the doctor’s words settles, many are left to wonder “How can I afford this?” Unfortunately, cost often determines what treatments we do or don’t do.

Thankfully for diseases like diabetes, there is help. Let’s take a quick look at the Januvia coupon.

The Need

If you’ve had a prescription filled recently, the price may have seemed higher than you remembered. There’s a good chance that it was. In 2016, the pharmaceutical industry made $8.7 billion dollars on price increases ALONE!

Unfortunately, the need for medication hasn’t subsided. Many people have to choose whether or not to get a prescription filled. Fortunately, you have some options, like using a Januvia card, that can help control your costs.

The Pharmacy Solution

While insurance helps, it still leaves most people with a hole in their wallet. And that’s for those lucky enough to have insurance.

For everyone else, short of winning the lottery, you’ve got to find a practical way to help pay your prescription costs. One way is to use prescription drug discount cards.

These cards often come through the mail or can be found in public areas, such as libraries. Some are even available at the pharmacy.

Prescription drug discount cards are generally accepted by groups of pharmacies and offer broad discounts on a number of prices. The discount isn’t massive, but it can help you get a more affordable price for the medicine you need.

These cards aren’t comprehensive, covering only certain medicines. They also aren’t accepted alongside insurance, it’s one or the other. It’s up to you to ask your pharmacy which option gives you a better discount.

The Drug Company Solution

The drug companies have also undertaken an initiative to help pay (in some cases) the costs of their medications (for some people). These discounts though can generally not be used with other discounts, such as a prescription drug discount card.

Direct drug company discounts, such as a Januvia coupon, are available from the companies but only for eligible recipients. You have to fill out an application and get it approved, often with your doctor’s signature.

It’s not a comprehensive solution either, but if you qualify, it can help you keep up with your regular medications.

A Januvia Coupon

Januvia is a medication for adults with type-2 diabetes to help them lower their blood sugar levels. It’s developed and distributed by Merck.

Januvia coupons can provide discounts for up to 12 prescription fills for an individual, but you have to apply for it, either through Januvia or directly from your doctor.

What Can You Do

The costs of your medication no longer need to bar you from better health. You have plenty of options to explore from a Januvia coupon to others offered by online pharmacies. To get started, visit our site today. We’ll help you find the option that works for you.