According to a recent report out of Washington, prescription drug heists are growing at an alarming rate. Thieves are stealing large quantities of prescription drugs for resale on the black market.

Just recently thieves knocked over a pharmaceutical warehouse in Connecticut, taking upwards of 75 million dollars worth of pharmaceuticals. According to stats, pharmaceutical heists in the U.S. have quadrupled since 2006.

Many contribute the rise to the easy sell of the drugs over the internet from online pharmacies. Lifestyle drugs like Viagra and Cialis can easily be bought and sold online without any prescription.

“Whenever you have a health care system where drugs are very expensive and there’s a fragmented supply chain, you’re going to have a means to profit from stolen drugs,” said Ron Greene, a spokesman for FreightWatch.

The FDA is trying to tighten down on these criminals, issuing alerts to the public, working with manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies and law enforcement, and publishing lot numbers of stolen drugs on a Web site.