If you’ve ever felt shocked by the prices of your prescription drugs, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, things are likely going to get worse for consumers before they get better.

Research shows that prices of drugs are increasing, with one report claiming that $610 billion will be spent per year as of 2021.

It isn’t all bad news, however. While prescription drugs may become more costly, there are tons of great ways to save on lifesaving medications like Pradaxa 150.

Here are a few tips you can use to save money the next time you’re shopping around for Pradaxa 150.

Talk to Your Doctor

First and foremost, it’s important to note that consulting a physician can possibly save you a great deal of money. Think of them as your consultant to the medical world.

They’ll likely have a few great tips on how you can save on your next refill, and may even be able to give you a few coupons to save a bit of extra cash.

What’s Closest May Not Be Cheapest

Nobody wants to travel more than a few minutes to pick up their prescription. But adding an extra few miles to your trip may end up saving you a few hundred dollars.

A report from Consumer Reports a few months ago shows how much prices can vary within the same zip code.

For instance, their glimpse into prices in Dallas, TX showed Walgreens charging $220 while Costco a few miles away was charging only $40. That’s a saving of $180 just for a few more minutes of travel.

Convenience is great, but you may have to give up a few more minutes of your time if you really want the best deal.

Look Into Independent Drug Stores

That same report also shows how big of a price discrepancy there is between independent shops and chain pharmacies. Specifically, CVS and K-Mart are listed as two of the biggest offenders.

Venture into your local independent pharmacy. They’ll be far more likely to cut you a great deal and you’re getting the exact medicine.

Think of it like shopping for a name brand jacket or handbag. You’re essentially only paying for the name.

You can easily get the exact same amount of Pradaxa 150 at an independent pharmacy for a much more affordable price.

Shop Around for Pradaxa 150 Online

Finally, consider turning to the internet to find the best prices. There are tons of fantastic online pharmacies that offer great deals and discounts.

Many even offer delivery, so you can get your Pradaxa 150 without ever having to leave the house.

Shopping Around Made Simple

At ePharmacies, we want to help you save money. That’s why we’ve selected a list of trusted pharmacies dedicated to saving you the most money.

Be sure to check out our online pharmacies guide and search for your prescription medication. There’s no telling how much you may end up saving.