Online Pharmacy Safety values online pharmacy safety, which is why we are 100% committed to assisting our customers in the search for the highest quality of brand and generic medications. We choose online pharmacies that adopt the most rigorous service and safety standards within the online pharmacy industry. When you order products from these pharmacies, you will be receiving products that are up-to-date with all of the online pharmacy standards. is backed by large drugstore chains, consisting of the typical brick-and-mortar stature. The online pharmacies in our directory will only fill those prescriptions that have been obtained from a doctor, physician, or other qualified medical professional. A valid doctor’s appointment is required in order to obtain medications, per the online pharmacy safety regulations.

Each online pharmacy listed in the directory is licensed by its home country. The pharmacy has also been accredited by professional third-party organizations. In order to comply with online pharmacy standards, all of the online pharmacies in our directory have agreed to meet the requirements listed above, as well as the 10 Star Safety Requirements below.

Our 10-Star “Safety” Requirements:

In order to ensure online pharmacy safety, each pharmacy listed in the directory agrees to the following:

  1. Currently holds a valid state or provincial license.10-Star Online Pharmacy Safety Requirements
  2. No controlled substances outside of federal or state regulations will be sold.
  3. Only the pharmacy stated will fill and dispense the transactions made online.
  4. Drugs are only dispensed under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist that is on staff.
  5. Over-the-counter drugs from foreign pharmacies requiring a U.S. license will not be shipped from the online pharmacy.
  6. Follows each rule, law, and regulation that is mandatory, according to the industry standards of the pharmacy’s jurisdiction.
  7. The only drugs shipped are those that have a valid prescription from the customer’s authorized healthcare practitioner.
  8. In the event that there is a negative or illegal government action pertaining to the pharmacy, in regards to its licensing and prescription medication dispensing, the online pharmacy must notify immediately.
  9. All orders shipped via the U.S. Postal Service, and other equivalents, will require a signature confirmation for each package of medication that is shipped.
  10. Customer information and data will not be shared with a third-party, unless it is to fill orders in order to comply with government regulations. The privacy policy of the online pharmacy must be shared with all customers.

All of our policies meet strict online pharmacy standards. Even though anyone can access some of the information on, only registered members are able to take advantage of the discounts and community features that are currently available. Membership is FREE, so sign up NOW!