Prescription drug prices are skyrocketing, especially when generic options are not a possibility. With a strained economy, many people are looking for more affordable options. Rather than go without, they are searching online. Prescription drug sales from Canada are booming, becoming a common alternative for those on a fixed budget or watching their wallet.

When to consider medication from Canada and overseas

If insurance isn’t an option, generics won’t work, and there is no other way to ease the burden of the cost of medication, it may well be time to consider foreign alternatives. Patients cannot risk skipping medication that could result in life-threatening conditions. However, before jumping to the cheapest bidder on a website, it is important to research what is out there, ensuring that the online pharmacy is a reliable source. There is the potential of as much as a ninety percent discount on a particular prescription.

What about legalities?

Technically, it is illegal to import medication into the country. This is a safety measure since foreign medications have not been tested and approved by the Food and Drug Administration. One may wonder how people manage to get their medications from overseas if it is not legal. The FDA bends in certain circumstances, not raising objections for medication required for a serious condition when it is not available in the country. In addition, if the medication does not have high risks associated with it, there generally will not be a problem. It is also helpful if a prescription from a doctor is provided as proof that the medication is necessary for personal use. The FDA prefers that no more than a three month supply is purchased at one time.

Is it safe to buy prescription drugs online from Canada?

Legalities aside, safety is still the top priority. What good is saving money if the medication is dangerous? To be sure that the international pharmacist is reliable, check the country of origin. When considering is it safe to buy prescription drugs online from Canada, American consumers can rest assured that Canada has extremely high standards when it comes to producing quality medications. New Zealand, Australia, and Japan also rank high as reputable sources where buyers can avoid counterfeit drugs. Take it a step further and study the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) to discover a list of trusted member websites before making any online purchases.

What about risks?

Is it safe to buy prescription drugs online from Canada? The answer is yes, if done with caution. There is always the possibility of getting a drug that is not what it promises to be. No one should rush into making any purchases. Search US-based websites and consumer reports. Don’t only go by testimonials from the site of purchase. Examine the ingredients carefully and be sure that they are aligned with the prescription given by the doctor. Make sure the online provider has the highest standards. One’s health is not worth taking a gamble. is an excellent option, allowing people to perform a search for free. This is the ideal site to compare prices and discover a host of safe, licensed Canadian pharmacies that are available. Shop with care today.