There are numerous websites that offer a great deal of rebate for the online purchase of prescription drugs. But the question arises whether the online import of prescription drugs is legal and safe at the same time. Even if it’s so, how to decide which online drug supplier is best suited for the purchase and what are the precautionary steps that should be taken.

Prescription drugs are one of the basic requirements of any household. There are patients who require certain amounts of medication on a regular basis for a longer span of time but the exceptionally high pricing jeopardizes the balance of their overall expenses. The availability of prescription drugs over online pharmaceutical websites has minimized this issue to a large extent. But the question arises whether the import of prescription drugs online is legal and safe at the same time?

The most important thing to understand is that the personal import of prescription drugs in the US is technically ‘not legal’. The reason being: most of the medications manufactured in other countries fail to qualify the permitted ingredient specification that leads to their disapproval by FDA.. However, FDA has a policy which explains that it does not entirely reject the idea of personal import of prescription drugs in the given situations when:

  • the drug is required for a critical condition for which there is no effective treatment available in the US.
  • the maximum import of a 3-month supply of the prescribed drug is permitted.
  • the quality of the drug promises not to pose an unreasonable risk.
  • the importer verifies in writing that the drugs are for his/her own usage and provides contact information of the concerned doctor providing treatment.

Even in these given scenarios, consumers need follow certain precautionary measures that comply with the Legitimacy of Online Purchase of Prescription Drugs:

  • Prescription: There are online companies that claim to offer medication without you providing them with any sort of prescriptions. To order prescribed drugs from any such pharmaceutical company means committing a huge mistake. According to the US federal law, one must have a relation with the doctor who has provided them with the prescription. In case of any pharmacy failing to prove such a relation, both the purchaser and seller may be subjected to trail.
  • Licensing: A website selling the prescription drugs should be licensed in the state of its origin.
  • Location: You should be aware of the location of the prescription drug provider.
  • Consumer Interaction: The consumer has a basic right to interact with the pharmacy. A conversation over the helpline number does not fulfill the pre-mentioned criteria. Make sure that the pharmacy is bona-fide by talking to their designated medical practitioner.

The Safest Way to Buy Prescription Drugs

The safest way to buy prescription drugs is to check mails of recommendation by your insurance company. Insurance companies provide you with a list of legitimate mail-order pharmacies.

In a different scenario where you are not insured, you can compare the prices of the prescribed drugs online followed by verification of the selected website. Once through with all the cross checking, you can feel free to make a purchase.

Online Pharmacy v/s Pharmacy Online

One can easily get confused with both of these terminologies but they are entirely distinct. Local drug stores across the states have their own websites which provide the facility of ordering medication online and these come at the same price as a regular pharmacist’s outlet.

On the other hand, online prescription drug websites are those that can be mail-order pharmacies that work in alliance with insurance companies that provide medications at low pricing. The independent online prescription drug providers also come in this segment.

Careful with the Forge Marketing

Noticing an advertisement over any reputed page does not always mean that the link would land you on a trustworthy online prescription drug provider’s web page. Sometimes solid websites also fail to screen such ads as they are managed by a third party. Do not get captivated by the presentability of the website and make sure that the services are as authentic as the commitments listed.

Compare the Prescription Drug Pricing

The most important thing to do while purchasing a drug online is to compare the pricing listed over various websites. This helps in achieving the motto of obtaining the prescribed drug at the least price possible.

Be careful that you don’t fall for extraordinarily low prices as you may end up with outdated or diluted drugs. There can be situations when the drugs that you order might have identical names but have contradictory properties. For instance: vivelle dot is sold in the US for hormone replacement but in Austria vivelle is used for birth control purposes.

The method to insure against such conditions is to check the legitimacy of the websites. This way one can easily differentiate between genuine and forge prescription drug providers. is listed as a trusted online prescription drug comparison website over the official website of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). provides drug comparison options among 100.000+ medications by various brands which are credible and legitimate.

If a few simple steps help in saving a phenomenal amount of your money spent over purchase of prescription drugs then you would take them, wouldn’t you?