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ePharmacies launched in 2003 as a specialized pharmacy search engine for Americans interested in purchasing safe, low-cost prescription medications from licensed online pharmacies. With more than 50,000 pharmacy listings, ePharmacies brings together licensed and accredited pharmacies from around the world in a single comprehensive, easily accessible online database.

More than 65 million Americans – nearly one-fourth of the U.S. population, including millions of seniors, are uninsured. With rising medial costs driving interest in Canadian and other international online pharmacies. Many are concerned about whether they can trust the quality and safety of the prescription medications they find online in their quest to save money.

ePharmacies hears your concerns. They verify their pharmacies by only accepting companies into its database that pass a rigorous screening process – this includes proof of home-country, government licensing, and third-party accreditation.

In addition to its emphasis on safety, ePharmacies offers current price search, detailed drug information, and other search features that make it the most user friendly search engine for online prescription medication shoppers.’s employs thorough search features that enable members to identify pharmacies with specific licensing requirements, third-party accreditation, Better Business Bureau memberships, and more.

ePharmacies President Cary Byrd is proud to support this FREE search engine that will assist so many Americans in finding a reputable online pharmacy.

“ is your trusted online pharmacy source for finding the best drug prices from licensed online pharmacies.”

The U.S. government typically does not prohibit individuals from ordering medications online for their own personal use as long as the following stipulations are met:

  • You do not order any controlled substances or schedule IV drugs.
  • You limit your medical order to a three-month supply.
  • You must provide an original doctor administered prescription.

Despite their hands off approach, ordering prescriptions online is technically not legal in the U.S. According to the FDA no one has ever been prosecuted for personally importing their medications as long as they adhere the guidelines above.

In the video below, the director for the Health Care Team at the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), Marcia Crosse, PhD, clearly explains the FDA’s personal drug importation policies:

*As of October 2006, U.S. Customs officers suspended their policy of seizing packages of prescription drugs from Canada in the mail and at border crossings. It is also noteworthy to point out: at least half a dozen state governments, including those in Wisconsin and Illinois, have set up programs assisting residents in ordering drugs from Canada and abroad.

Yes, you will need to provide the original copy of your signed doctor’s prescription to the online pharmacy. They will use this as verification when creating and filling your order.

You may send the prescription by fax, email or mail. Please discuss the proper numbers and or addresses and request receipt verification.

Once the order has been filled and completed you should receive your medications within the next 15 business days.

Remember, if you purchase medications from an online pharmacy that does not require an original prescription you could be putting yourself at great health and financial risk. A legitimate online pharmacy will always verify the original prescription.

This is entirely dependent on the insurance provider.

Many insurance companies will NOT deal with online pharmacies because the medications are typically imported. This can mean you will have to pay out-of-pocket for your medications. Many uninsured or underinsured customers frequent online pharmacies because of their low cash price.

If your insurance provider will allow, the online pharmacies may provide an itemized printout for you to submit personally to your insurance provider. Depending on the provider and the medication, they may reimburse you some or all of your costs.

We recommend consulting your insurance company to see their online pharmacy policies. Don’t forget to ask them if they accept itemized statements for reimbursement.

Refilling an online prescription is just like getting a refill at a brick and mortar establishment. You can simply call the online pharmacy and request your prescription refill.

Then you will be required to send in your prescription again. However, once they establish you as a customer, they may be able call your doctor and have them send the prescription in as a courtesy to you.

If you’re a new customer, simply follow their directions to create a new account.

*We recommend ordering a 90-day supply of medication at an even lower cost to you. This also eliminates the need to send in a new prescription each month.

Counterfeit medication scams are scary. However, using a legitimate online pharmacy can alleviate many of those fears. Here are four additional steps you can take to prevent any counterfeit medication is purchased online:

  1. Be sure to verify that you are shopping with an licensed and accredited online pharmacy, remember to look for their license number on their website.
  2. The online pharmacy should adhere to these online pharmacy safety requirements.
  3. The most reliable way to shop safely is to order your medications from’s online pharmacy directory. Our firmly established professional relationship with our reputable online pharmacies in our directory has been going strong for nearly a decade now.

Yes, please consult your doctor before making any changes in purchasing your medications. Your doctor is very concerned about your health; and the decision to purchase medications online is a change that should be shared with them.

No, you will need a prescription. Any legitimately licensed and reputable online pharmacy found within the online pharmacy directory requires a copy of your prescription. This copy must adhere to the written prescription signed and verified by your doctor before any medications can be dispensed.

Always verify that the online pharmacy is licensed. A licensed pharmacy will allow you to send your prescription by mail, email, or fax. The pharmacy must have a copy of your prescription before they can fill and complete your order.

Once the online pharmacy receives and verifies your prescription, they can complete and ship your order in a timely and effective manner.

Navigating the web can be challenging enough. Finding an online pharmaceutical company you can trust is even more so if you aren’t sure what to look for. Try these helpful guidelines to find a legitimate online pharmacy:

Always use’s cost-comparison engine and online pharmacy directory to gain safe access to a broad array of affordable prescription medications from licensed online pharmacies. This safe and easily accessible site does the legwork for you. They handle the stressful searching so you can shop with peace of mind.

If you’d like to browse the online pharmaceutical arena on your own, remember to adhere to these 5 (minimum) online pharmacy safety requirements.

  1. Be sure to purchase all medications from a licensed online pharmacy that has a current and valid state license, legitimate address, name and verifiable contact information.
  2. Please be sure that the online pharmacy has a licensed pharmacist on staff to verify all orders.
  3. Always ask to be sure the online pharmacy does not sell any controlled substances.
  4. Check to be sure that the pharmacist requires a copy of your original prescription before they finish any medical orders.
  5. Always make sure the online pharmacy has a strict “privacy policy” in place. This will ensure that your payment information remains private and can not be shared with any other parties.

Due to government regulations and standard price fixing, the pharmaceutical industry is allowed high markup rates. Prescription medications found online are typically 50-90% cheaper. When you shop online, your market base is not limited to the United States. With the sales expansion to other countries comes competitive pricing.

Many countries allow marketed medication at wholesale pricing. The United States adherence to the Pharma friendly guidelines under Medicaid and Medicare does not allow the negotiation of drug prices. While this guarantees profits for large pharmaceutical outfits, the financial prognosis for many patients under such price gouging can be bleak.

No. Ultimately, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) can not lower the cost of consumers prescription medications. Pharmaceutical prices have plateaued and will only continue to increase. Sadly, the average American tax dollar will still be subsidizing inflated medication costs.

Yes, but only if you are knowledgeable of what to look for in a licensed online pharmacy. If you are unsure of the legitimacy of online pharmacies, the safest and simplest way to find the lowest drug prices is to always use when purchasing your medication online. We pride ourselves on our safe shopping environment, user friendly site and easily accessible & affordable medications.

We know that secure purchasing is an important part of what makes online pharmaceutical purchasing a customer’s best option. Below are a few key details to look for from every online pharmacy when you purchase your medications online:

  • To be sure that you are purchasing your medications from a licensed pharmacy, look for their license number. A legitimate pharmacy will proudly display their license number on their website.
  • Please verify that the online pharmacy also has a legal physical address.
  • Always check to be sure the online pharmacy employs a legitimate licensed pharmacist to oversee all of their medical transactions.
  • The online pharmacy should always ask for a prescription. Much like your neighborhood pharmacy, a legitimate online pharmacy will require a copy of your prescription before they can fill the order.
  • Always make sure that the pharmacy uses legal & legitimate pharmaceuticals to fill their prescriptions.

Politicians have realized that importation of prescription medication is a valid political issue. Several front runner candidates lobbying for importation of prescription medication are:

Representative Elijah Cummings and Senator Bernie Sanders circulated an innovative bill known as the “Prescription Drug Affordability Act of 2015.” This bill would effectively:

  • Initiate a more transparent policy base from Pharmaceutical companies in areas such as Research & Development costs.
  • Facilitate communication between the Medicare prescription drug program and drug companies. This allows Medicare to negotiate drug costs directly with drug companies.
  • Legally authorize private importation of prescription medication from Canadian pharmacies.
  • Prohibit pay-for-delay Big Pharma arrangements that hinder generics from gaining market traction.
  • Intensify penalties for pharmaceutical corruption.

Become involved, please contact your local politicians. We encourage you let them know you support this cause.

You can also find more information on the war on high medication prices by clicking the following link. Please sign Senator Bernie Sanders online petition: “Stand With Bernie to Stop Skyrocketing Drug Prices“.