Online Pharmacy Scams

//Online Pharmacy Scams

Prescription Drug Heists Lead to Black Market Sales

According to a recent report out of Washington, prescription drug heists are growing at an alarming rate. Thieves are stealing large quantities of prescription drugs for resale on the black market.

Just recently thieves knocked over a pharmaceutical warehouse in Connecticut, taking upwards of 75 million dollars worth […]

New Scam Targets Online Pharmacy Customers

Online scammers are taking their game to another level, seeking to take advantage of those who have purchased their medications from an online pharmacy.

The Food and Drug Administration warned last week that scammer’s posing as FDA agents have been calling online pharmacy customers, demanding that they pay […]

Viagra and Cialis Spammers Find a New Way to Sneak Into Your Inbox

I am sure if you sift through your spam filter right now, you could easily find a few emails asking you to check out some “new low prices” on Viagra and Cialis. That is why spammers are having to come up with new ways to infiltrate your […]

Rogue pharmacy spam is now 90 percent of all e-mail spam

You would think the problem of e-mail spam from so-called Canadian pharmacies (which are actually fronts for criminal organizations in Russia and elsewhere) couldn’t get worse.

Unfortunately, you’d be wrong.

According to the latest data from McAfee and MX Logic:
Both security firms see “pharmaceutical spam,” at almost 90% of […]

Five rogue pharmacy spam warning signs — and seven ways to protect yourself

ScamWatch, an Australian government Web site dedicated to protecting consumers, offers the following five warning signs that you’ve received a rogue pharmacy spam e-mail –
1. You receive an unsolicited email offering cheap or hard-to-get pills or treatments. Often, these emails will promote well-known drugs such as Prozac […]

Understanding online pharmacy verification services

In searching for an online pharmacy you can trust, you’ve no doubt come across various seals and certifications on Web sites. Why are such seals important? And how do you know whether they are legitimate?

When it comes to Canadian pharmacies, a seal isn’t technically necessary for a […]

Rogue pharmacy spammers capitalizing on Michael Jackson’s death

As rumors swirl that pop superstar Michael Jackson may have been killed by an accidental overdose of Demerol, Diprivan and other medications, it is ironic that shady prescription drug pushers are still abusing the King of Pop, even after his death.

That’s right. No-prescription pharmacy scammers are using […]

Google News needs to do something about rogue pharmacy spam!

Earlier this month, I wrote about the problem of rogue pharmacy spam sneaking into Google News results. Well, the problem has now reached epidemic proportions.

As recently as a couple of months ago, you could track terms like “Canadian pharmacies” and “Epharmacies” and “online pharmacies” on Google News to […]

Study: 2,000 new fake pharmacy sites in one week!

eSoft, a Web security company, researches urls across the Internet to provide up-to-the minute threat assessments on fraudulent sites, according to Richard Stiennon at Information Security Resources. The most notable development of the past week, eSoft reports, has been a spike in fake pharma sites.

Writes Stiennon:
eSoft has […]

Rogue pharmacy spam sneaks into Google News results

We’ve always liked Google’s approach to distributing the news. Google News aggregates headlines from about 5,000 English-language news sources worldwide, groups similar stories together, and then displays them based on your keyword search or customized options.

As Google explains:

Traditionally, news readers first pick a publication and then look […]

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