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Tips for fighting rogue online pharmacy spam

We’ve posted a few times about the problem of rogue online pharmacy spam. In response, we’ve gotten e-mails asking what can be done when you’re being bombarded by spam.

Spammers can obtain private information such as your name, e-mail and mailing address using a wide variety of viruses […]

Meet Amy, no-prescription pharmacy victim

Amy Pain seemed to have everything going for her. Beautiful. Intelligent. Only 22. The daughter of a highly respected archdeacon of the Anglican Church in Wales.

Amy died after an accidental overdose of prescription drugs she had bought from a no-prescription pharmacy for insomnia, anxiety and stomach aches.

Her […]

Rogue pharmacy swipes Web site from member of Canada’s parliament!

We’ve warned you that you’re better off staying away from so-called Epharmacies. Now a member of Canada’s parliament wishes these pharmacy scammers had stayed away from him.

As the CBC reports:

Fredericton Conservative MP Keith Ashfield is learning a hard lesson about how the internet has changed the old […]

Some pharmacy scammers are just phishing — for your credit card number

Scam pharmacies don’t all sell bad or counterfeit drugs. That’s right — some of them don’t sell any drugs at all!

And scam pharmacies — many of them billing themselves as “Epharmacies” pharmacies — don’t always use your credit card numbers to charge you for drugs, either. Â […]

Those rogue pharmacies aren’t actually from Canada — or anything else they claim

Spam Trackers has an informative article exposing some of the tricks and lies used by online pharmacies that send out spam e-mails. As we’ve reported before, very few people open these e-mails — but those who do are at risk of purchasing counterfeit drugs or having their […]

Beware the “gift” of pharmacy spam on Valentine’s Day

The good news about e-mail spam is that Americans are becoming smarter about it. Thanks to technology that blocks spam from our inboxes and our own knowledge of what spam looks like, the vast majority of those who receive spam e-mails do not respond to them.

For example, […]

How to be your own pill watchdog

The FDA, once the most respected of federal agencies, has had its effectiveness stripped away over the past decade because of budget slashing and the creeping influence of large pharmaceutical companies in its decision-making. A de-fanged FDA has been no match for greedy Big Pharma in stopping […]

Four ways to spot a rogue online pharmacy

We’ll be discussing online pharmacy safety quite a bit on this blog. For starters, here are four of the biggest warning signs that you are dealing with a rogue pharmacy.

1. Rogue online pharmacies generally do not require you to see a doctor to get a prescription. […]

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