Why Are Prescription Drugs Cheaper In Canada?

Staying healthy is very important, but it is an uphill battle for many people. Most people do their best to keep themselves healthy, but numerous people need prescription medications to help them combat various illnesses, diseases, disorders and more. Since so many individuals require prescription medications, it’s […]

FDA to Review Promising New Weightloss Drug

A new weight loss drug is up for FDA approval and is looking to buck the recent trend of harsh weight loss medications.

The new drug Qnexa, which is a combination of the drugs, Lorcaserin and Contrave is looking to provide effective weight-loss without the dangerous side effects […]

New Drug, Prolia Approved to Fight Osteoporosis

Today a new drug was approved for sale to fight against osteoporosis. The new drug Prolia comes from Amgen and is used to help prevent fractures in postmenopausal women. Last week, the medicine received approval for sales overseas.

Prolia is considered to be one of the most important […]

New Arthritis Drug, Vimovo Gets FDA Approval

Today, a new arthritis drug manufactured by Pozen and AstraZeneca received FDA approval. The new drug Vimovo will combine the popular heart burn drug Nexium with a generic pain killer.

Vimovo will attempt to fill the need of a drug that can reduce the risk of stomach ulcers […]

Prescription Drug Heists Lead to Black Market Sales

According to a recent report out of Washington, prescription drug heists are growing at an alarming rate. Thieves are stealing large quantities of prescription drugs for resale on the black market.

Just recently thieves knocked over a pharmaceutical warehouse in Connecticut, taking upwards of 75 million dollars worth […]

Fake Versions of Alli Found Dangerous

According to recent reports from the Food and Drug Administration, fake versions of GlaxoSmithKline’s drug Alli were found to have dangerously high levels of the prescription weight loss ingredient sibutramine.

Sibutramine is the main ingredient in the diet drug Meridia. Although with the right dosage sibutramine can be […]

New Scam Targets Online Pharmacy Customers

Online scammers are taking their game to another level, seeking to take advantage of those who have purchased their medications from an online pharmacy.

The Food and Drug Administration warned last week that scammer’s posing as FDA agents have been calling online pharmacy customers, demanding that they pay […]

Move Over Gardasil…Cervarix Backed By FDA

The FDA voted yesterday to endorse the new cervical cancer medication from GlaxoSmithKline, Cervarix.

Good news for GlaxoSmithKline, bad news for Merck.

Merck is the owner of Gardasil, the only cervical cancer vaccination that is currently available on the market.

According to MSNBC,
London-based drugmaker Glaxo already has won approval for […]

FDA challenges drug maker’s claims on athlete’s foot remedy

The maker of the antifungal cream Ertaczo (sertaconazole nitrate) received a violation letter from the FDA last week regarding misleading advertisements for the prescription medication, which is used primarily to treat interdigital tinea pedis — more commonly known as athlete’s foot.

While Johnson & Johnson claims the cream […]

Those rogue pharmacies aren’t actually from Canada — or anything else they claim

Spam Trackers has an informative article exposing some of the tricks and lies used by online pharmacies that send out spam e-mails. As we’ve reported before, very few people open these e-mails — but those who do are at risk of purchasing counterfeit drugs or having their […]

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