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Epidemic of Obesity [Infographic]

Obesity is a major health issue faced by the world. The unhealthy lifestyle followed by millions of people has led to the worldwide spread of this epidemic. Unfortunately America hasn’t been spared from the wrath either; in fact it happens to be the second most obese country […]

Shocking Effects of Asthma That Everybody Ought to Know

Asthma is a critical condition that decelerates the pace of a normal life by contracting the airway that eventually disrupts breathing . Asthma is generally triggered by factors like allergens, air pollutants, fluctuant whether conditions etc.  The initial symptoms of this incurable disease include breathlessness, repetitive coughing […]

Asthma – Can’t Cure It But You Can Avoid It for Sure

Asthma is one of the major health conditions prevailing in the United States of America. In the present scenario over 25 million citizens are known to be asthmatic among which 7 million are children. The more disruptive fact is that more than 3,300 lives are lost to […]

How to Safely Buy Prescription Drugs Online

There are numerous websites that offer a great deal of rebate for the online purchase of prescription drugs. But the question arises whether the online import of prescription drugs is legal and safe at the same time. Even if it’s so, how to decide which online drug […]

Celebrities Who Died From Prescription Drug Overdose

Prescription drugs have a long history of abuse by people many of whom have suffered accidental overdoses that result in more than 100,000 deaths in a year. The United States of America registers nearly 290 drug overdose related deaths on a daily basis. These deaths are particularly […]

What Do You Do If You Can’t Swallow a Pill?

Swallowing a pill can be really difficult for some people. It’s pretty unnatural when you think about it; we’re conditioned to chew up our food, not gulp down big chunks of it. But for kids or adults who struggle with swallowing pills, there are solutions.
Swallow Something Besides […]

Is it Safe to Buy Prescription Drugs Online from Canada?

Prescription drug prices are skyrocketing, especially when generic options are not a possibility. With a strained economy, many people are looking for more affordable options. Rather than go without, they are searching online. Prescription drug sales from Canada are booming, becoming a common alternative for those on […]

FDA to Review Promising New Weightloss Drug

A new weight loss drug is up for FDA approval and is looking to buck the recent trend of harsh weight loss medications.

The new drug Qnexa, which is a combination of the drugs, Lorcaserin and Contrave is looking to provide effective weight-loss without the dangerous side effects […]

New Drug, Prolia Approved to Fight Osteoporosis

Today a new drug was approved for sale to fight against osteoporosis. The new drug Prolia comes from Amgen and is used to help prevent fractures in postmenopausal women. Last week, the medicine received approval for sales overseas.

Prolia is considered to be one of the most important […]

New Arthritis Drug, Vimovo Gets FDA Approval

Today, a new arthritis drug manufactured by Pozen and AstraZeneca received FDA approval. The new drug Vimovo will combine the popular heart burn drug Nexium with a generic pain killer.

Vimovo will attempt to fill the need of a drug that can reduce the risk of stomach ulcers […]

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