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Why Are Prescription Drugs Cheaper In Canada?

Staying healthy is very important, but it is an uphill battle for many people. Most people do their best to keep themselves healthy, but numerous people need prescription medications to help them combat various illnesses, diseases, disorders and more. Since so many individuals require prescription medications, it’s […]

The Real Answer to “Why Are Prescription Drugs Cheaper in Canada?”

Many of the prescriptions that residents of the Untied States purchase are cheaper in Canada. A 30-day supply of Diovan or Lipitor can be found in the United States for about $80, but in Canada it can be found for around $45

This astounding price difference begs many […]

French Drugmaker Cuts New Blood Thinner

Drugmaker Sanofi-Aventis is going to take a revenue hit this year after recently stopping production of their newest blood thinner drug. The decision comes after US regulators approved a generic rival to its Lovenox blood thinner.

Sanofi-Aventis recently released a statement saying its shares may decline as much […]

Glaxo Increases OTC Medicines With New Cold Sore Cream

GlaxoSmithKline and Medivir announced today an exclusive agreement for the commercialization of a new over the counter cold sore cream. Xerclear is the new product that will contain acyclovir and hydrocortisone for non-prescription use in multiple markets, including 14 major European countries.

This should bolster Glaxo’s over the […]

New Drugs Keep Novartis Profits Recession Proof

Reports today show that Novartis said its profit climbed from $1.98 billion to $2.93 billion, as sales climbed 25% to $12.13 billion. Its “core” per-share profit of $1.45 was well ahead of analyst estimates of $1.26.

Novartis counted on Diovan, Lucentis, and Gleevec to keep money flowing in. […]

Abbott Pays 6.6 Billion for New Cholesterol Drugs

The large American drug maker Abbott Laboratories is moving to close a deal today to purchase the prescription drug unit of the Belgian company Solvay for close to $6.6 billion in order to take sole possession of a shared cholesterol drug venture. The deal could possibly pay […]

Teen “pharming parties” get their supplies from mom’s medicine cabinet — not online

As you know, we are the first to write about the dangers of no-prescription pharmacies on this blog, and the first to tell you that most online pharmacies are unlicensed and potentially unsafe — so you have to be careful. That’s why we created this site.

But the […]

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