The United States of America is home to three hundred and eighteen million people who can be considered as one of the most privileged citizens in terms of health care. However, in order to attain world class facilities that include treatment and effective prescription drugs, the population has to cough up a phenomenal amount of their incomes, making them economically vulnerable.

It is a widely known fact that prescription drugs are highly expensive in the US. If we try to perform a basic cost comparison of the generic prescription drug Rabeprazole, we find that after discount its price is $84.50 (100 units of 20 mg each) in a Walmart store in the US while the same prescription drug Rabeprazole costs $40 in Canada. We can clearly notice the huge difference in prices of common medication among various countries and infer that the US commands the highest prescription drug prices.

Top Reasons for High Prescription Drug Prices in the US:

The uneven pricing of prescription drugs in the US has always caused a commotion amongst the purchasers. The citizens are forced to give up several basic commodities as well as needs in order to fulfill the quota of their highly required prescription drugs. The following might explain the ‘why’ of high prescription drug prices:

  • Cost of Research: The United States is one of the largest medicinal research hubs in the world. The simple motive of providing prescription drugs that will help avoid any sort of complex treatments in future drives various pharmaceuticals to invent new improvised prescription drugs. The outcome of this thorough procedure is that the company performing research ends up spending millions that results in an increase in the prices of prescription drug; a basic step in order to meet the production cost and moreover to gain profit.
  • The Insurance Issue: The pharmaceutical companies provide insurance companies with prescription drugs at subsidized rates. For profit maximization out of their products, these companies increase the prices of those prescription drugs that are directly being sold to the consumers. Although this helps them in maintaining the levels of their profits, eventually it hampers the overall purchasing power of the buyers.

Despite the above mentioned factors, the one thing that is undeniable is the intake of prescription drugs. The following data depicts a statistical analysis by Forbes, highlighting the amount of prescription drugs taken filtered by age group as well as income:

  • 34% of American adults take at least one prescription drug.
  • 11.5% of American adults take at least three prescription drugs.
  • 6.5% of American adults take at least 4 prescription drugs.
  • 20.4% of people earning an yearly income of $100,000-$149,000 accepted the intake of at least one prescription drug, whereas the count was down to 14% among those who earned lesser. On the contrary 10.5% of the people earning $0-$24,999 tend to consume an average of four prescription drugs. The only reason that justifies this data is that the people with lower incomes refrain from purchasing prescription drugs until it becomes mandatory for them to do so.

Is There an Easy Way Out?

Now that we have accepted the fact that citizens residing in a country like America may not be able to compromise with the standards of living but at the same time would strive to find an alternate option that could save them some money in the purchase of prescription drugs. The following measures can be helpful in preventing oneself from falling into an extreme situation of scarcity of prescription drugs.

  • Take precautions and implement health gain measures.
  • Use generic medicines in order to avoid further complications
  • If all these measure don’t yield constructive results, one can buy prescription drugs online from Canadian pharmacies.

It is important to perform the comparison of prescription drugs that are being provided by various online pharmacies so that the purchaser gets the best deal and saves a large amount of money. provides a comprehensive yet simple method through which a buyer can compare the cost of the desired prescription drug: Let us take an example to understand the Steps of Prescription drug comparison through

  • Search for the required prescription drug.
  • Choose the appropriate amount of dosage.
  • A list consisting of the information regarding the prices offered by various pharmacy websites is displayed.
  • Choose the most suitable link that offers a legitimate price and carry out the payment.

There are over 100,000+ prescription drugs listed on giving you a vast range of options to choose from.

So, it’s not really necessary to skip a family dinner or two in a restaurant just because you need to save money for prescription drugs. All you need to do is utilize your common sense, perform prescription drug comparison and save a lot of money over the purchase of prescription drugs.

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